Quit Yah Bitchin’ And Drink Your Wine!

Welcome to OnChain Wine! The NFT generated art based on the love of wine!

Link to OpenSea Collection:


Welcome to OnChain Wine

Our Story

OnChain Wine was founded by NFT artists HirotoKai, iAmFuture, and HeroBit Bob. The idea was born from a love of wine, art, and the desire to bring something truly new and innovative to the NFT space with true utility for wine lovers!

We recently passed the 325Ξ mark in transactional volume and have begun making some amazing moves to benefit all OnChain Wine holders! Explore the site below to see what the team is currently working on!

Currently In The Works

Explore what the team is up to and what milestones we need to reach to achieve them!

Current Projects

Each project will officially launch once the milestones of volume of ETH traded is reached. To see the current volume traded please check the OpenSea Collection: https://opensea.io/collection/onchain-wine

Launch “The Vineyard”

Decentraland Experience
We Purchase the land in decentraland and begin the build with the Last Slice Co.
Milestone: 400 Ξ Traded

Launch “OnChain Wine Brand”

Private Label Wine Partnership
We Partner with a private label winery to produce the first batch of OnChain Wine.
Milestone: 500 Ξ Traded


Milestone: 600 Ξ Traded

Check Your Rarity

Below is a list of websites that have our Rarity Ranks.

NiftyRiver.io : https://www.niftyriver.io/rarity/opensea/onchain-wine